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Charmi rocks!!! it……… May 26, 2006

Posted by MadhoO in Filmi, Media.

        Ooooooooooh! dear….what an awesome performance! how superb were the exprssions! though I’ve expected from her, this was a really scintillating one. In short, I just liked the way she acted thru the film, POURNAMI.

Though the film doesn’t have a great story, I will say, it is nice because of the screenplay, music and Charmi’s performance. This should be a good break thru after her “Anukokunda oka roju”.

I dont know why the movie was so named….really inapt. Trisha’s role was of no use there and her acting- as stupid and ignorable as usual. The chemistry didn’t work this time, between Prabhas and her. However, things would ‘ve been even more tough for the producer Mr.M.S.Raju, had the heroine be some other.

The movie aimed at bringing “fine arts esp. Indian classical dance to lime light( to masses)” – not a big success though. Had it been a big hit like the Kalatapaswi’s ‘Shankarabharanam’, things would ‘ve got even more better for our classics.

Any way I should say, Mr.Raju is a successful man because, he is able to show to us the great talent of the heroine. One would see the film only for her and her performance. All the rest are next.

I believe, the movie be “ChandraKala” rather than “Pournami”. May good days come for her after many controversies. What do U say?….

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Why Yahoo! Mail UK ;-) May 25, 2006

Posted by MadhoO in Media, Online, Review.

Do u Yahoo!? Have you been a user of Yahoo mail? Do u live outside UK or Ireland? Then check back whether u r able to use it potentially well….

Why this quest began in me?:

Ever since I registered for a GMail account, I have been using the POP access through my OUTLOOK….this way I can save the amount of time I stay connected to Internet…So I eventually forgot using my Yahoo ID for email and began searching for even better services…But I 've seen all my friends sticking to the same ID's….I have also seen some of 'em signing up at Yahoo…..but few got up with the <mailto:userid@yahoo.co.uk> address/content.

So, I came back to searching abt the Yahoo services, articles on yahoo mails…blogs….and ultimately found out that Yahoo! shows unique importance to their users in UK&Ireland. Any new service was first made available only to them. There was the actual POP server access(to be able to synchronize with my MS-Outlook)….Otherwise I 'ld have to pay for Yahoo plus service.

How will some one pay for it when they get it excellently and free from GMail. I really like Google very much with one reason being this(free @ all and to all).

So  guys , go n have a new ID at Yahoo UK or a new Gmail acc. Ofcourse,…at ur own risk and interest. YM Uk.gif

As far I am concerned…GMail is #1 in email as of today…

Let's see what happens when Yahoo! throws out the Yahoo! plus service…

Gandhi on Bhagat Singh May 25, 2006

Posted by MadhoO in collected, rare.
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Freedom fighter Sardar Bhagat Singh was hanged by the British on accusations of anti-government activities on March 23, 1931. Here, Gandhi pays tribute to the patriotism of the young martyr while disagreeing with his revolutionary methods. Excerpted from Gandhi's article in Young India.


Bhagat Singh and his two associates  have been hanged. The Congress made many attempts to save their lives and the Government entertained many hopes of it, but all has been in a vain.

Bhagat Singh did not wish to live. He refused to apologize, or even file an appeal. Bhagat Singh was not a devotee of non-violence, but he did not subscribe to the religion of violence.  He took to violence due to helplessness and to defend his homeland. In his last letter, Bhagat Singh wrote –" I have been arrested while waging a war. For me there can be no gallows. Put me into the mouth of a cannon and blow me off."  These heroes had conquered the fear of death. Let us bow to them a thousand times for their heroism.

But we should not imitate their act. In our land of millions of destitute and crippled people, if we take to the practice of seeking justice through murder, there will be a terrifying situation. Our poor people will become victims of our atrocities.  By making a dharma of violence, we shall be reaping the fruit of our own actions.

Hence, though we praise the courage of these brave men, we should never countenance their activities. Our dharma is to swallow our anger, abide by the discipline of non-violence and carry out our duty…


Source: http://www.kamat.com/mmgandhi/onbhagatsingh.htm

more:    http://www.kamat.com/kalranga/itihas/sbsingh.htm