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Charmi rocks!!! it……… May 26, 2006

Posted by MadhoO in Filmi, Media.

        Ooooooooooh! dear….what an awesome performance! how superb were the exprssions! though I’ve expected from her, this was a really scintillating one. In short, I just liked the way she acted thru the film, POURNAMI.

Though the film doesn’t have a great story, I will say, it is nice because of the screenplay, music and Charmi’s performance. This should be a good break thru after her “Anukokunda oka roju”.

I dont know why the movie was so named….really inapt. Trisha’s role was of no use there and her acting- as stupid and ignorable as usual. The chemistry didn’t work this time, between Prabhas and her. However, things would ‘ve been even more tough for the producer Mr.M.S.Raju, had the heroine be some other.

The movie aimed at bringing “fine arts esp. Indian classical dance to lime light( to masses)” – not a big success though. Had it been a big hit like the Kalatapaswi’s ‘Shankarabharanam’, things would ‘ve got even more better for our classics.

Any way I should say, Mr.Raju is a successful man because, he is able to show to us the great talent of the heroine. One would see the film only for her and her performance. All the rest are next.

I believe, the movie be “ChandraKala” rather than “Pournami”. May good days come for her after many controversies. What do U say?….

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1. Rakesh - June 1, 2006

hmm…i didn’t know abt her performance in this movie…i only saw in few reviews that Prabhas did well…i liked her performance in Anukokunda…

that was a real good movie

2. Cam21 - November 17, 2006


I have enjoyed reading your article, thanks.

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