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Use helmet and shit! July 9, 2006

Posted by MadhoO in General, Public.

My head is n’t properly secured and you demand fine for that!?… I am talking about the “compulsory helmet” rule in AP….I am really skeptical whether this rule was made for the welfare of the drivers or for those greedy traffic shitting pigs.

Why skeptical?

>> Until now they were collecting fine inorder not to harm the co-travellers but, now it is very much absurd that we have to pay fine because, we ourselves are not secure.

>> Good, you wear the helmet! but, how will you protect the guy sitting on your back seat.

>> How can you carry that vessel to every city you go? Is it not sounding stupid?

>> You could request a bike in emergency but, I bet, you dont want to beg a sweating dirty helmet.

>> It is not all that easy to wear a damn heavy thing all the time, is it?…then, you are great!!!

I see this dramatic new rule, only as a much better source of easy income to traffic constables, mid-brokers, and those shitting stupid donkeys.

Those bull shit guys make money out of peoples’ innocence and discomfort

hey!…dont know driving a two-wheeler at all?…then you are safe!

Disclaimer: I dont mention shitting about every one…hope that doesn’t hurt you



1. Bab31 Arch - December 1, 2006

Bab31 Arch

I have enjoyed reading your article, thanks.

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