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Couple of days in Chennai July 11, 2006

Posted by MadhoO in General, Public, Review.

Recently, I have been to Chennai for assisting my grand parents in getting their US visa. Also, that it would give me some aquaintancy with the US consulate.

It was this time that, I had got some better impressions on the metro… I see it like a magnified Vijayawada and a treated Hyderabad, except the beach( I dint go to anyway).

Prior to this visit, I used to think that the people in TN were not as cooperative as those of my native state ( because, I had undergone drastic situations during my previous visits to the city- esp. during DEC’05 when it flooded on my GRE and caused so much procrastination).

This time, I have had a good chance to understand the city.. esp those local railway stations, subways, the Chennai central and of course the US consulate and ANNA SALAI.

But, it was difficult to get a crocin tablet or a water bottle even in such a populated place…I had to walk not less than 3km. And, the auto fares are really too much…”Madrasi autowallas are having it too cool driving an auto” 🙂

Luckily, I could discover my ability to make friends in minutes…I made Mohan-my friend in just 10 min of gossip. So, you cant blame me as poor at comm. skills…haha!

I ‘ve really so much more to say abt the city…but next time sure!

byee Chennai 🙂



1. chavakiran - July 20, 2006


we are trying to translate wordpress to telugu


2. MadhoO - July 20, 2006

Good work..thanks for some support..but, dont use the very old Tenugu..use the language that is in usage.

I am doing single handedly until now..

3. Coy58 Arch - November 17, 2006

Coy58 Arch

I have enjoyed reading your article, thanks.

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