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Hamara Indians everywhere August 20, 2006

Posted by MadhoO in rare.

Great that US is totally* with Indians…..and in my locality….UT Drive, Charlotte, the ratio is 7:3(Indians:All other)

which is really interesting for most of our junior guys including me…..Also telugu guys have the ratio(30:45)ie(telugu:Other) which is even pretty good for telugu guys like me who knew only Telugu and English….Luckily I can understand a bit of other languages…which is just letting me go like this….

Embarassingly for me there are many telugu guys who can speak Hindi so well with other guys living here….Not much of a problem though…bcoz,, all of us can manage somehow in English…..We also try to speak each others languages which is very good sign among we guys.

Ok now with the statistics and info…I will leave now..Will see if any one of u need more information on this regard…just comment down here….Thanks for being so patient all thru this break….

* After all I ‘ve seen just a half of the city