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Ganguly…another high-drama? July 22, 2006

Posted by MadhoO in Cricket, Media, Public.
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His target this time is the former chairman of BCCI, Mr.Jagmohan Dalmia. Others would have surprised about the latest hot dispute but, not to me at all (infact I have expected it earlier).

Having lost his place in the team, I feel that, he spoke these lines only out of desperation; I have some reasons to understand this way.

Earlier, he was critiqued severely from the present coach, Chappel, for which, he treated him in offensive way… and now, when things are all going right in Chappel’s way, his turned his gun on Dalmia’s neck. This… I dont think is a way to win!!!

May be, both of them were blaming each other for their mis-fortune. So, I too will need some one to get blamed out of my unfortunate and miserable situations, just kiddding!


Ha!………Good Cricket June 8, 2006

Posted by MadhoO in Cricket.

Nice to see both the teams playing competitively very well this season in Caribbean Islands.

I am speaking about the 1st test at Antigua. How satisfying was the match, even when it didn't give a victory to any of the teams! I really feel that these matches will do more good to the game, than those that end up into a biased result, just on the 3rd or 4th day of play, when teams having great differences in their caliber encounter, like a typical Zimbabwe vs Australia match.

I would call the 3rd & fourth days of the match more worthy to Indians as they have shown the dexterity of Jaffer and the capacity of Dhoni. Dhoni almost ridiculed the left arm spinner…played fool with wrong side of the bat…then went to consecutive 6s in the succeeding over battering the ball all over the ground.Great to see him put, so much strength on the shot. People will begin to call"him" the hardest hitter of all time…until this time it was either on Gilchrist, Afridi or Hayden. Anyway…its a convincing match atleast for Indians like us.

Dudes…these will be good days for good entertaining-cricket..

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