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Doin’ fine with Orkut July 25, 2006

Posted by MadhoO in Friends, Online.

For some time forget about “telugu”. My latest crush is with Orkut, now. Very soon, I was able to cross the mark of having 100 friends.

I have successfully found many of my valuable old friends, maintained better touch with my current mates and, even made new friends.

Received good conducts, appreciations, pleasure, and sheer fun.
The best thing about orkut is we can rely upon it(one for no ads) and the search feature for finding old and lost friends.

You can put your friends in custom groups for easy use, send them messages, scraps etc. You can be a fan and make another, your fan also. You can chill out with funny character that people create and maintain, just for humor.

Orkut is all entertainment, coupled with valuable information which, either you can deliver or can get it. You can have a better view from my pictures here.

Originally uploaded by PicoGraphr.

Want to be my friend @ Orkut? Go ahead…just comment here!


Thanks to WP & Google June 16, 2006

Posted by MadhoO in Online, rare.
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I am specially conveying my thanks because, I have my blog listed right on the first page of Google Search under the keyword "madhoo" which is my fisrt name.

Many thanks, to Google, for listing my blog as the tenth result and on the first page, to wordpress, for having got the "blog name/user name" for me and with such a great interface, to Indiagram for giving the first person to comment it…I had this with just 20 days, 5 posts, 1 comment…

I 'ld specially thank all my friends, well wishers, commentors, and all the visitors of my blog who can now share my ideas and opinions effectively and more easily.

Thanx for your comments @ orkut too.
Thanq all.


My good Goowy Webtop June 9, 2006

Posted by MadhoO in Intro, Media, Online, Review.
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This will be my first review of such a great webtop, "Goowy". Lolz…as the name says, it has a pretty well made GUI(Graphical User Interface) which you would really love to work on. It has got full-customizable environment especially with the skins, themes, resizable inner windows, minimize/restore/close buttons and many more. You can add or delete your features from the bottom navigation pane which gives you a Mac-like look. The newer version is a bit different from the Mac like navigator/taskbar, but you can always login for the first version here.

Coming to the functionality, they have given features like email, file storage, calendar, Instant Messenger(IM), a good spam blocking feature, and above all smart looking apps called the minis. I am sure, you will love to work on them if you actually understand the feature. I am sure that no other service uses this feature so smartly, except for Gtalkr which blew up, the other day. Of-course, that one was very cool in its way.

Though it is pleasure, being on this webtop, there are some limitations too…it consumes considerable amount of your RAM, works well only on high speed connections, requires flash-player plugin, email doesn't have filters so far…of course, they promised to bring 'em up by the end of this month.

The most wanted feature in the entire service…the integrated IM is experincing hard time but will be soon back because it is backed up by specialist guys. Check them on their blog and the about pages.

As I said, unlike many others, they take continuous feedback and respond with prompt replies and better update almost every month which is the most interesting feature of the service. Until now they have put everything for free, but they are also planning premium versions which might be sounding good for others(not me!).

It is better for you to check out the service here rather than going to bigger names. I will say, this is the worthiest of all even with its limitations. Take a good look at this site guys…Go for the easy signup and check out for your first name. I 'm sure Goowy will rock you!….they r doing awesome work with UI's.

Forgot telling you…u 've got games too!!   You can always complain/help about any of the features in their forums….meet u there.


Pay! or go stray? June 1, 2006

Posted by MadhoO in Online.
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People in developing nations are accustomed to buying minutes for their mobile phones in advance. Now, Microsoft Corp. wants to see if they'll purchase PCs in much the same way.

Microsoft is announcing a new pay-as-you-go program dubbed FlexGo, that it hopes will make PC ownership more accessible to people in emerging markets.

Consumers would make a down-payment on a machine, then pay a small hourly fee each time they use it. Eventually, they would then own the PC outright. Microsoft has already tested the idea in Brazil, and hopes to expand to Russia, India, China and Mexico.

The program is one of several that are attempting to bring low-cost computing to the developing world , like some other guy promised a laptop at Rs. 5000/-. This is the latest attempt to enable computing for people in the world's developing economies.

Heard that, these PCs will be made with the special FLEXGO technology that would prevent change of any software/hardware component of the PC and that users have to buy so called 'user time' from their service provider. Sounds like a prepaid mobile service…ain't that? Microsoft's Bill Gates too has advocated using mobile phones as broader computing devices in emerging nations.

As a general rule, Microsoft says a consumer using the FlexGo program could expect to initially pay around 40 percent to 60 percent of the standard cost of a PC. But then, they would own the PC after buying a preset number of hours, in the general range of 600 to 900 hours.

I am really eager to check out whther the program will be yet another success to Microsoft and its Co-sponsors, or a dumb and risky offer like the RIM in its early days. Do you fancy that?…

Why Yahoo! Mail UK ;-) May 25, 2006

Posted by MadhoO in Media, Online, Review.

Do u Yahoo!? Have you been a user of Yahoo mail? Do u live outside UK or Ireland? Then check back whether u r able to use it potentially well….

Why this quest began in me?:

Ever since I registered for a GMail account, I have been using the POP access through my OUTLOOK….this way I can save the amount of time I stay connected to Internet…So I eventually forgot using my Yahoo ID for email and began searching for even better services…But I 've seen all my friends sticking to the same ID's….I have also seen some of 'em signing up at Yahoo…..but few got up with the <mailto:userid@yahoo.co.uk> address/content.

So, I came back to searching abt the Yahoo services, articles on yahoo mails…blogs….and ultimately found out that Yahoo! shows unique importance to their users in UK&Ireland. Any new service was first made available only to them. There was the actual POP server access(to be able to synchronize with my MS-Outlook)….Otherwise I 'ld have to pay for Yahoo plus service.

How will some one pay for it when they get it excellently and free from GMail. I really like Google very much with one reason being this(free @ all and to all).

So  guys , go n have a new ID at Yahoo UK or a new Gmail acc. Ofcourse,…at ur own risk and interest. YM Uk.gif

As far I am concerned…GMail is #1 in email as of today…

Let's see what happens when Yahoo! throws out the Yahoo! plus service…