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Telugu Bloggers with auto enabling software July 29, 2006

Posted by MadhoO in collected, Public, Telugu.

After my post on how to manually configure your PC to type telugu and serious discussions together with the telugu bloggers, few of them met in Hyd to decide in launching a software that would automatically set up your PC for typing Telugu.

So, this may mitigate your burden to some extent. Just keep waiting, if you want the software for free.

Meanwhile, you can learn abt manually setting up here, and read the official telugu peoples’ blog here. You can also check for the phonetic editor here

Disclaimer: No Guarantee, regarding this automatic telugu enabling software from my side..I can just inform u when, it is released.


Difficult times for Telugu July 22, 2006

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You would ask me, why, I brought in, another article (of Ganguly’s controversy) amidst serious discussions about Telugu, slang, bringing popularity etc. But, what I can tell you is, things were going on seriously in the background.

While I said hard-time, you would have expected another serious issue on telugu usage in PCs…yeah! that absolutely true. This time, even more serious issue, actually trying to shake out from the radicals.

What?!….yeah, from radicals…That is what I am mentioning it as hard-time.

If you check out these pics 1 2 3 4. That is how most of our browsers regularly show(encode) the telugu text from a typical telugu website and at many netcafes, it is even worser than that. One more thing I want you to notice is that, these are from the so called best browser today(Firefox) and with almost all extensions installed for Telugu and (UTF-8).

Interesting thing is that, the author(of those pages) somehow, managed to get the page slugs also in Telugu.(when seen from firefox but, in IE, it is like this). One thing… Firefox doesn’t have built in Telugu support but, for Tamil! I bet, you wont be able to upload a file named in ‘telugu’

When I bring these things into light, I feel that, someone would put necessary work into it, because, currently, I am no geek at any level (I know).

Summary: Bring out a good browser compatible for telugu, a complete telugu website, and a chanllenging clean telugu software….with telugu translations…forget using rarely used words. Dont try to radically change every word into telugu( dont try to inject forgotten telugu words). The script is what, we have to bring in very urgently.

support telugu everywhere..this way July 21, 2006

Posted by MadhoO in General, Public, Telugu.
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It all began with vigor, when, wordpress announced, translation into different international languages and asking their end users for good contributions.(atleast for me)

But, clean interfaces for telugu people are just a myth and not availabe from any good software vending company. Even with those tools from ILDC, there is not much use when it comes to many of us.

People have kept translating few things( softwares, webpages) into Telugu, but, using the slang which is not very much in usage(or spoken) these days. It would help any co-telugu-bloggers only when we have a common as well as easily understandable language on such things(esp. for web2.0 stuffs). It could encourage more people of our state, use telugu, when things there are very easy to understand, until then we cant expect good days for our mother tongue.

Well, then we can incorporate the usage of correct telugu words when, there are quite good no.of people using telugu things and quite good resources from different web 2.0 guys for the language.

About how to do this, we shall take Eenadu‘s usage(becoz most of are fond of it…) of our language as a temporary standard until telugu usage has become popular enough to admit a change.

Snip: Please download vemana2000.ttf if u get it anywhere or here, to have a better view of ur text and begin rending that font to whatever telugu text you ever type.

Summary: First attempt to get the script in telugu, we can bother about the slang later…almost all of us can understand variety of telugu slangs…because, people got adopted to reading Eenadu’s style of Telugu, I too recommended it. Whatever u feel, scrap my comment book!

Typing telugu into PC made easy… July 20, 2006

Posted by MadhoO in General, Intro, Public, rare, Telugu.

Dear all! I tried to give you some info. about learning to type easily in “Telugu” here. I feel this, as an useful work for many of you people, using PCs.

Using this procedure, you can make any documents in Telugu, save a file with a telugu file name and try translating “wordpress“.

So, enjoy telugu typing. If you liked my work please comment here in my own blog. Thanq